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Bible Study




Bible study is a very important aspect here at Northwest. We currently have two studies in progress other than Sunday school which meet on Wednesday nights. On the adult and young adults (9th grade-adult) are studying about Church and Christian History. In this study we will also cover questions like “How we got our Bible” and “Where did Baptist come from.” We will also study other nuances that pertain to Christian and Baptist life as we cross them.


These lessons are designed so that they stand alone and are always open. This means you can jump in at any time and be able to participate in the class. Also be looking throughout the year for special week day or weekend classes on specific subject matters. I Hope to you see you soon as we explore what an amazing Lord we serve through exciting Bible study together.

The second study is our kids group (2-8th) they are breaking down the Bible and relating it to our young people's lives.                                                                                             

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