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*Assist parents in teaching the stories and principles of      God's Word

* Nursery for infant to 2 year old during AM services

*Exciting children's church ages 3-9

*Wednesday night Bible studies aligned with adult lessons

*Assist parents to raise their children to be great    worshipers and witnesses of the Lord, Jesus Christ!

Welcome to the ministry page of Northwest Children. We are so excited about what God is doing through our teachers and children. One of  our goals is to assist parents in teaching children the stories and principles of God’s Word.


Because we feel so strongly about teaching the Bible, our philosophy is that children learn to worship by watching and hearing their parents and other adults worshiping.  We like for the children to stay in our worship services as long as possible. Children ages 2-8 are dismissed after fellowship time for Children’s Church. We do offer a nursery that ranges from infant up to two years of age during the morning services.

We do encourage students to remain for the sermon and encourage them to take notes. 


Wednesday nights the children study the Bible. We encourage parents and their children to talk about the lessons and principles that we learn from these studies. 


Many parents ask, “What do you offer our children?” The answer is: We are determined to teach them God’s Word and what godly and holy lives look like. We feel this is one of the most important things we can do as a church.


We wish to ASSIST the parent in their role of raising their children to be great worshipers and witnesses of The Lord Jesus Christ.  


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