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"What Is This World Coming To?"

"What is this world coming to?" This seems to be a question we are hearing more and more these days. The Scriptures are clear that this world is going to become much worse before the return of our Lord Jesus Christ. I hear much talk like; "If this country would do this or that or if it would just return to being a Christian Nation things would be much better." I think the better question would be: "Since things are getting worse, meaning this country and the world is moving that much farther away from the Lord, should it not bring a sense of urgency from us Christians to reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ." It is good to remember past days when government and schools promoted God and His glory, but sadly we cannot go back to the past. We should ponder what lies in the future, as soon as what will happen in the next hour". A thought to ponder would be "What kind of world in a few years will you and your children be living in? May I ask? Does it matter? God has called us out from this world in this particular time in this particular place to be witnesses to the nations. Don't get me wrong, I know we hear a lot of this from great men and women who are believers in Christ. The thing that seems to be missing is the urgency from the church to be witnesses for Christ. We learn from the book of Acts, as well as other places in the Bible, that God chooses to work through prayer. Just a thought; since this is true, what if our churches have stopped praying together? What if Christian men and women have stopped spending time praying to the Father? Instead of the world changing, I am not so sure that it is not we Christians who need to be doing the changing. "What is the world coming to?" It is heading towards the day when Jesus our Lord will return! How will He find His church, complaining or compelling the lost? I agree a lot needs to change, especially in America, but it starts with me and you!

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